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Planning for Student Equity: A School System's Perspective

FRIDAY | APRIL 3, 2020

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Room: Van Ness

Promoting student equity in a school system must be highly intentional and implemented at a variety of levels, and it is a huge driver for DC Public School's school modernization program during the planning and design process. This session will explore the different ways that DCPS approaches equity through planning, design, and community engagement. From the planning perspective we will share how we factor in student equity when determining which buildings across the city get facility improvements and funding. During the design phase we will address balancing school specific needs and responding to DC’s unique school neighborhood communities and cultures, while providing spaces that are of an equitable experience for all students no matter where they live. Lastly, DCPS has a robust community engagement process during design and construction of schools, which will often influence a school modernization project. We will be addressing how to engage stakeholders in a meaningful way that also promote student equity across the District.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To get an overall understanding of DCPS' approach to student equity
  2. To review the DCPS planning process for selecting facility projects and their funding
  3. To understand the DCPS design process and balancing each school's unique needs with district equity
  4. To go over DCPS' engagement process during the design and construction process


  • Janice Szymanski, Director, Facility Planning & Design, DC Public Schools
  • Oni Hinton, Specialist, Facility Planning & Design, DC Public Schools


March 18-20, 2021   Washington, D.C.

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