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Space and Its Impact on Academic Success

FRIDAY | APRIL 3, 2020

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Room: Woodley

By utilizing post occupancy data and research, school district administrators, teachers, and designers can benefit from determining the level to which reinvigorated learning spaces can enhance the academic success of students. Engaging students in the curriculum, increasing test scores, and overall student satisfaction are desired results within the educational system. How does the design of new and renovated spaces promote these results? Groton Central School District, a rural district south of Syracuse, New York, recently opened a new STEAM Learning Program in a reinvigorated space. In order to measure student engagement, academic success, attendance rate, and behavior improvements, Superintendent Margo Martin and Design Strategist, Catherine Wolfe from Ashley McGraw Architects, gathered data, including Google surveys and SEL, which measures how students feel about themselves as learners. Community organizations have rallied around the space, as it has the possibility to become an economic engine. Experts in various STEAM careers have offered their services as guest speakers. And, community and regional businesses have opened their doors for field trips to the site. Adult education in Groton is also now being enjoyed by the community in the new space.

Learning Objectives:

  1. IDENTIFY how the design of reinvigorated learning spaces impacts student success and engagement.
  2. 2. REALIZE that research can help determine the impact the design of space has on its users.
  3. LEARN how to conduct their own post occupancy research with their students.
  4. EXPLORE how to better align curriculum to meet the individual needs of students.

Catherine Wolfe

Catherine Wolfe

Senior Interior Designer
Design Strategist
Ashley McGraw Architects

Margo Martin

Groton Central School District


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